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Nea Zoi’s passion to support & restore individuals in prostitution is a manifold one. As an organisation, we rely on individuals that share the same weight in their hearts for these people. Below you will find the different projects that you can donate & support.

If you are donating form the US or the UK and do not wish to donate through PayPal, please check the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Please note that in case of emergency, we might need to use amounts from specific projects in order to address and resolve the matter. For any further information regarding this, please feel free to contact us at

Our street work, drop-ins at our center, our training programs, keeping regular contact and offering them advocacy & holistic restoration, create a monthly maintenance expense of €5300 ($6000).

This amount covers rent, tea / coffee and treats during our outreaches, assistance in basic necessities or emergency financial aid, workshops that aim at each person’s  holistic restoration, as well as wages for various professionals assisting us, such as a lawyer and a social worker.

Our educational projects is one of the ways we offer the people that we meet the chance to equip themselves  with skills and knowledge in order to reeducate them and reintegrate them to the society.

At the moment, we have been successfully running a jewellery program but because the need for programs like this keeps growing, we will be establishing extra vocational projects, such as candle making,  ceramics, soaps, hand embroidery, barista skills, screen printing and more.

Every​ year during Christmas and Easter, we have special outreaches where for two weeks we go out into the streets and the brothels and we offer the individuals presents. Their hearts are filled with joy and every year they expect us to remember them and bring them their presents.


This year, apart from the homemade cookies that different churches so graciously prepared once again, we were blessed to add a cosmetics bag and a bracelet prepared by the ladies from Threads of Hope and Bejewelled respectively. The total amount of the bags we hand out is 350-400 and each bag costs €6

Image by Jake Espedido

Apart from all the scheduled expenses, oftentimes we are faced with emergency ones, such as plumping, electricity, calling a locksmith, a contractor, tech support, travel expenses, food supplies, hospital visits and more.

Because it is nearly impossible to predict when we might be faced with an emergency, for that reason, we have come to realise that it is good to have an amount that is always there.

Donate through Paypal or Viva:

If you wish to donate directly to our bank account:

Account: 0026-0178-84-0101252742
IBAN: GR8602601780000840101252742

Giving from the US and the UK can be done

through our partners at One Collective:


(please write the name of the cause you wish to give towards in the Comments section, or leave blank to give to the organisation in general)


(please write Nea Zoi in the Donation Intention field.

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